Sudhir and team are an absolute delight to work with. On the TARA project, they immersed themselves completely in understanding the unique needs of the project and helped us realize our communication objectives for the brand. Their passion for excellence has been accompanied by timely and consistent delivery of outcomes in our project from the word go. This has been backed by a solid understanding of what speaks to the consumer. Indidesign has been less an agency and more an extension of our team.
Naming, Visual Identity Design, Packaging, Website, Audio-Video content curation

Industry: Menstrual Health and Hygiene

TARA Reusable Menstrual Cup is an initiative of Svatantra Trust, an NGO to promote hygienic and affordable menstrual hygiene solutions. It is a personal hygiene category brand launching with the Menstrual Cup.


IndiDesign created a design system to educate, advocate and communicate the benefits of a menstrual cup for women, especially residing in the rural and semi urban areas of India.

Our design seeks to combat stigmas and taboos related to menstruation. It aims to challenge the preconceived notion surrounding menstrual cups and to bring them into the mainstream. We strongly believe that good design is not just the product but the whole package from inside out which must be practical and apprehensible.


IndiDesign named it ‘Tara’, which means star, celebrates womanhood in all its forms. The name empowers her dazzling soul and the fire within her. The dual language dynamic logo system has been designed to include more regional languages. It has been inspired from the rounded typography and petals representing the softness of the product, while the twirl form represents the flexibility of it.

The smart packaging of the box is intended to highlight its features. The contrasting colours sync in yet stand out! The earthy tone harmonizes with the teal hue. The insights from our research led us to create the roadmap to a well-articulated, multilingual packaging accompanied by a detailed step-by-step instruction leaflet.

We developed a multipack system that consists of a cotton pouch for easy storing, a container for safe storing. For effective and consciously designed information, we also directed and managed the production of the designs.