Website Design,
UX, UI, Communication

Industry: Automotive, Auto Components

A Brand With Diversified Interests

Pinnacle Industries is India’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle seating and interiors, offering end-to-end solutions for Indian and international EV and ICE commercial vehicle OEMs. Their products portfolio includes seating systems, automotive interiors, railway seating, specialty vehicles, stretchers, EV components and electric mobility.

Brand Articulation with Strategic Design & Consolidation

Having done the complete branding and brand positioning for EKA, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries, the company approached us for sketching out a clear and strategic design plan for their online presence. Positioned as a solutions company with an ever-increasing global reach, it was time for Pinnacle Industries to update its online assets to comply with modern aesthetics and portray better clarity.

Brand articulation was the first order of business as we set out to update the group’s online presence. We gained significant insights into the brand’s essence and ethos before starting work. We leveraged these insights to redesign the new website to reflect Pinnacle’s evolution over time.

We carried out a complete overhaul of the website to better represent the brand’s vision, mission, efficiency, and enterprising spirit more accurately.

A Brand With A Clear Vision

The new Pinnacle Industries website’s design is shaped around its existing visual identity. We simplified the UI to enhance the user experience and ensured that the content gets the attention it deserves. There is now an order among their wide range of products which we achieved with precise classification and straightforward categorisations.
The website is now the perfect showcase for Pinnacle Industries to convey their forward-looking approach and offer more clarity to its stakeholders and customers. It is a comprehensive source of verified information about the group and its businesses. The brand is now better equipped to take on the industry with its new online assets.

A Partner With Seamless Execution Capabilities

The Pinnacle Industries team has appreciated the much-needed makeover of its online assets. All our recommendations and it’s implementation have been well received. With a quick TAT, a knack of asking the right questions, and a good understanding of the business side of things, the company sees us as a perfect fit for this growing strategic design partnership.