Naming, Branding, Visual Identity, Communication

Industry: Educational Institute

With 21st century learning strategies, International School of Belgium believes in a holistic learning environment. The institute fosters creativity and curiosity, cultivating open-mindedness and individual reflection.


IndiDesign was approached by the school to suggest a new name & create a flexible but cohesive visual identity system for the institution. IndiDesign named “International School of Belgium” & also created a mascot & named it “ISBe”. The new identity was aimed to reinforce their brand positioning. Also, to help create a consistent visual experience across all communications.

IndiDesign not only developed the visual identity of the institution but also reshaped the entire communication roadmap. The core value of the International School of Belgium which is to foster creativity & curiosity and to encourage open-mindedness & individual reflection was efficiently conveyed.


Local education landscape was carefully studied to understand the requirements and create a holistic management system. The new name & identity created by IndiDesign, had a clear positioning and messaging advantage. It created an environment to build a unique culture for the school.

The Red Poppy Flower is not only the national icon of Belgium where the school is located but it is also available in abundance around the place. Flowers are useful emotional symbols & students are just like these flowers, each with their own growth and beauty. These flowers as Visual Identity give a sense of personality to the school. To create a consistent identity it was important to ensure that it will be recognised and remembered with the right emotional connect.

While the identity, a poppy flower, was outward to show every student as unique and to reflect the school beyond its vicinity, the mascot which is a lion known as “ISBe” was to show the spirit of courage and enthusiasm within the student body. The mascot creates a constructive energy within the institute’s campus thereby creating a distinct identity system for the school.