Naming, Visual Identity, Communication

Industry: Hospital & Healthcare Management

Grand Port Hospital, erstwhile Mumbai Port Trust Hospital (MbPT) is a health care entity functioning under the partnership of Mumbai Port Trust and the “Ajeenkya DY Patil Group”. The hospital endeavors to create a specialist and integrated care institution that accelerates breakthrough therapies with the highest quality compassionate care. It aims to create healthier communities through education and prevention.


With an unparalleled vision to become an innovative leader for excellence through unsurpassed clinical care, and empathy for patients and their families, Ajeenkya DY Patil Group engaged with IndiDesign from the very initial stage of this project. The hospital required a fresh name & a visual identity to give it a new lease of life and direction the Group brings into MbPT Hospital along with a well-aligned communication system. IndiDesign not only named it appropriately as “Grand Port Hospital” to continue its lineage of being a hospital by the port but also created a visual experience and designed an efficiently-structured dress-code and uniform for the staff.


IndiDesign created a simple and unique logo with a contrasting colour palette designed to engage its audience. The striking blue evokes a sense of seriousness & power. The colour is associated with health & healing. The complementary yellow adds freshness, energy & warmth to the logo.

An interactive visual identity & communication system was designed adhering to the core values of the hospital which was fresh and at the same time addressed the corporate needs of the hospital.

Collaboration with GP Hospital

Indi design had an opportunity to design GP Hospital Branding and Communication strategies. The work includes designing logo, t-shirts, print advertisement, catalog and more.