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Industry: Automobile

Creating a new paradigm in global CV electric mobility

EKA, an automotive & technology company is the latest initiative from the Pinnacle Industries group which is a leading automotive seating, interiors, and speciality vehicles company.

EKA Means “Being Together” & “Become Conscious”. The brand aims to lead the world to a sustainable future by creating an ecosystem for Environment Conscious Mobility.

At Indi, we created the brand name that reflects its core value and the vision it carries. We designed the visual identity that effectively conveyed the brand’s approach in introducing new energy commercial vehicles for mass adaptation.

Shaping the brand idea

EKA’s bold, iconic identity is a sign of the future of mobility with the environment and business in mind. The logo is designed with a simple and minimal geometric form of an abstract ‘e’ that stands for environment.

The brand’s message was further moulded into a tangible representation through impactful content, website, and brand videos. Incorporating the values of the new mobility paradigm, we created product teasers in interactive visual formats.

We continue to closely work with EKA to help them bring the electric CV range of products to the market.