When I decided to start a new company I started searching for the right person to design the brand identity and logo, after a lot of research I found out about Pune based Indi Design and it’s founder Sudhir Sharma.
When we approached him as a startup he was very excited to collaborate with us. His sheer energy and involvement in the brand from day 1 impressed me. He put in a lot of his personal time and energy in designing the right brand logo, which is the core of any business.
We are very impressed and happy with the kind of creativity with which Indi designed our brand identity and logo. We have received multiple compliments for the logo as it is very unique and it stands out from other brands.
Indi is a perfect mix of professionalism and creativity. If anyone has any design-related work I would definitely recommend them to go with Indi Design 
Founder, DruGold
Branding, Positioning, Communication,
Website & Retail Design

Industry: Financial Services

DRU Gold is a unique new startup from Hyderabad, India. Its USP lies in helping customers unlock value from their old Gold Jewellery & Ornaments to cash in no time. This cash can be deployed for further growth and prosperity. Starting with one store during launch, DRU Gold has quickly expanded to 14 outlets in & around Hyderabad city today. The company is looking to expand their presence to pan India now.


Dru Gold teamed with IndiDesign to create and structure a brand identity system for their new brand.

IndiDesign designed the brand, created a new positioning and helped design the communication for the new brand to successfully launch in the market.


IndiDesign developed the brand identity and highlighted the value system which was the core of Dru Gold and reflected its vision.

IndiDesign drew inspiration from the brand’s core values that were disruptive, empowering and everlasting. Using it’s many values we designed a dynamic and vibrant logo. The geometric logo design is a pattern of repetitive floral silhouette encircling the edgy form reflects the robustness of the brand and how it caters and empowers its users. The colour palette intends to convey the vision of the brand, radiant and empowering!

IndiDesign also created a myriad of visuals out of the logo which could be flexibly used according to the brand’s requirements for business and promotions.