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Industry: Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 conceptualizes rapid change to technology, industries, and societal patterns and processes in the 21st century due to increasing interconnectivity and intelligent automation. The term was popularized in 2015 by Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman, and has since been used in numerous economic, political, and scientific articles about the current era of emerging high technology. Schwab asserts that the changes seen are more than just improvements to efficiency but express a significant shift in industrial capitalism.
A part of this phase of industrial change is the joining of technologies like artificial intelligence and gene editing to advanced robotics that blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological worlds.

In India, the Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India, decided to set up a centre in Pune as part of a national initiative named SAMARTH (Smart Automated Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub) Udyog. In addition, the Government, Industry, Academic Institutions, and Industry Associations came together to promote digital transformation in manufacturing. Through collaboration among government, industry, and technology companies, this centre planned to develop an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and drives growth.

IndiDesign was commissioned to decide on an appropriate name and create a visual identity system for this initiative. We used the abbreviation C4i4 for centre for Industry 4.0 as it sounded technical and rhymed well. It kept a clean, dynamic simple typeface with a square box, making it modern yet timeless. Simple Blue stands for intelligence.

‘Creative Mesh’ visual language became a vital balancing element representing C4i4 Lab’s commitment to unifying and transforming the manufacturing industry with Industry 4.0 processes and standards.

All this gave enough options to communication agencies to create a unique look for all collaterals that would be built later on.