I’ve worked with Sudhir on a number of diverse projects over the last two decades. Sudhir’s ideas are invariably likable and his execution efficient. However, what makes him truly valuable is that before proposing an idea or planning its execution he clarifies the strategy that’s central to the task and thus ensures complete downstream alignment. This ensures high quality, timely, and cost-effective results for his clients. I’ve come to appreciate Sudhir’s sincerity in building purposeful, measurable, and lasting partnerships with his clients.
RAJIV BAJAJ | MD, Bajaj Auto
Branding & Communication Design, Environment Design, Publication Design

Industry: Automotive

Bajaj Auto is the world’s most valuable two-wheeler company and the largest three-wheeler manufacturer with a presence across 79 nations across the world.

Collaboration with
Bajaj Auto

This one has a special place in our hearts.

We’ve partnered with Bajaj Auto on diverse projects since 2009 and continue to do so, helping build, hone and strengthen the brand. Sudhir has worked very closing with Bajaj Auto for over two decades now.

IndiDesign has worked on the 2-wheeler (Motorcycles Brand), and 3-wheeler (Intracity Brand), both at the national and international levels to design brands that people connect to.

When Bajaj Auto wanted to make their brand relatable, we, at Indi, proposed the creation of a standardized look-and-feel for all their showrooms. To make this a reality, we piloted the idea with one showroom, created an end-to-end manual, and helped dealers within and outside India create showrooms that looked, smelled, and felt like a Bajaj Auto showroom regardless of which part of the world it was in. We continued to replicate the unique identity through employee uniforms, the design of their corporate office, at auto expos and exhibitions, and more. In fact, we played an instrumental role in branding their 3-wheeler sector as intra-city vehicles with a green logo.

Over the last decade, the partnership has strengthened and we engage with them for various projects including the design of their annual and financial reports, brand consulting, strategic design, communication design, etc.