Before you join us

Please answer these questions and mail them to along with other requirements.

  • At what age did you decide to be an designer?
  • Which cities in India and outside the country have you visited until now?
  • Give us two strong reasons for joining this firm.
  • For how long do you plan to be associated with this firm?
  • What are your next five years’ plans? How do you see your self in the field of design in the next five years?
  • Describe in a few sentences what design means to you?
  • What is that one quality that you would bring to enhance the quality of this studio, while you work here?
  • Which designer has inspired you? Name two of his/her projects. Describe his/her aesthetic, sense of style, or the essence of his/her work?
  • What do you do besides work?
  • Name 10 Indian Designers
  • Which is your favourite type face and why?
  • What would be your biggest contribution to society in next 10 years and why?
  • ‘The source of fear is in the future and a person freed of the future has nothing to fear’- Milan Kundera (Nobel Prize for Literature, expresses this statement in his novel ‘Slowness’) Express in two sentences in support or against the statement.