I’ve worked with Sudhir on a number of diverse projects over the last two decades. Sudhir’s ideas are invariably likeable and his execution efficient. However what makes him truly valuable is that before proposing an idea or planning its execution he clarifies the strategy that’s central to the task and thus ensures complete downstream alignment. This ensures high quality, timely, and cost-effective results for his clients. I’ve come to appreciate Sudhir’s sincerity in building purposeful, measurable, and lasting partnerships with his clients.
MD, Bajaj Auto
Branding & Communication Design, Environment Design, Publication Design

Industry: Automotive

Bajaj Auto is a global two-wheeler and three-wheeler Indian manufactur-ing company. They deal into manufacturing as well as selling motorcy-cles, scooters and auto-rickshaws. Bajaj Auto is the world’s sixth-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the second-largest in India. And third-largest three-wheeler manufacturer in the world. It is a part of Bajaj Group and based in Pune, Mumbai, with plants in chakan(Pune), Waluj(near Aurangabad) and Pantnagar(Uttarakhand). Bajaj Auto is run-ning on a market capitalization of US$8.9bn(as per May-2015) making it to the 23rd largest publicly traded company by market value and stands strongly with revenue of about US$3.2bn as per year 2015-16.

Collaboration with Bajaj Auto

Indi design worked on designing Branding and Communication with utmost details. Also received an opportunity to work on Environment design as well as Publication design.